Ghostsec “Justice” Hackers Target Satellites

image provided by pixabay

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The GhostSec hacktivist collective is known to have big targets like satellites, train infrastructure, and industrial control systems while claiming that fighting for freedom is worth any repercussions.

The group seems to have very political motives of protecting weaker groups and has left a pattern of sophisticated cyberattacks against critical industrial infrastructure all over the world.

According to Cybernews, the group likes to enact power displays in an effort to restrain Russian military advancement against Ukraine. Last year, the group claimed responsibility for causing a massive explosion at the Gysinoozerskaya hydroelectric power plant in Russia, after seizing control of the plant’s ICS (Industrial Control Systems). Another action the group took was immobilizing every train in Russia’s Metrospetstekhnika’s IT system.

A month prior to the latest cyberattack, the group posted on their Twitter about their successful campaign against a Russian GNSS satellite receiver, which was used as a military asset, as an act of protest against the Russian President and the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Researchers from Cyble Research Intelligence Labs (CRIL) discovered the group’s involvement in hacking SATCOM devices, as well as activities carried out by other groups which have increased security risks and attacks against the digital landscape of the space sector.

Researchers all over the world are rightfully worried about these relentless high-level cyberattacks that are hitting every possible vector within the industry. CRIL asserts that it’s imperative for public and private entities to work together to formulate solutions to safeguarding threats to the space industry.

Experts are currently discussing the possible consequences of hacktivists, cyber criminals, or state-sponsored actors gaining access to industrial control infrastructure used as a space asset for National Security and public safety.

Satellite modems have an essential role in relaying telemetry information and managing spacecraft activities within the Aerospace sector, therefore essential sectors like the Government, Armed Forces, Telecommunications, Power, Utilities, and Transportation heavily depend on them.

This information was provided by Cybernews.