How AI Will Impact the 2024 US Elections

Image provided by pixabay

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Recent advancements in smart technologies have provided us with new and improved tools to complete tasks and carry out daily duties. With the recent AI driven move of the US Republican National Committee (RNC), it appears that these smart technologies can also be utilized to sway national political opinion.

A recent political move carried out by the RNC involved the use of AI generated imagery in a short clip criticizing Biden’s presidency term. Biden, together with Kamala Harris, can be seen amidst a completely generated political rally which was never held.

The political move echoes of a dystopian future, straight out of the writings of Orwell. Regardless of political opinion, many have criticized the move and political use of AI technology, also a controversial aspect of modern progress.

AI is likely to continue to be used as a tool for disinformation by providing the means to create such political imagery to the average person interested in promoting their preferred candidates as well. People no longer must be coding experts or video wizards to generate text, images, video, or programs. In that sense, anyone can become a political content creator and seek to sway voters or the media, according to

Generative AI can easily help create messages that take advantage of social and political discontent, especially when emotions are at an all time high. As we approach the US 2024 elections, it would be interesting to see where and when AI tools will be used again.