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The first firefighting robot of its kind has been launched in the Middle East by the UAE based company FFBOTS.

The robot was named Wabel, which is Arabic for “rain”, and is an important addition to firefighting forces all over the UAE, increasing the workers’ safety in hazardous situations and hard to reach areas. This adds to and improves the job of firefighters rather than replace them, particularly in cases involving oil and gas reservoirs, or other places that are extremely dangerous to approach.

“The company has sought to locally manufacture, design and assemble robotics technologies,” said Mohammed Islam, a robotics expert and CEO of FFBOTS. “We were keen to ensure spare parts are locally available and maintenance services are delivered by our professional specialists. To meet the needs of the local market at record speed and up to the highest international standards” He added.

The Webel is controlled wirelessly with a range of up to 1,000 meters, has built-in GPS routing, maps and other navigational aids. In order to fully utilize its capabilities, the robot has four hose outlets and employs 8,000 liters per minute flowing foam and water.

Thanks to its six cameras placed in four directions it serves as the firefighter’s eye into the core of the action. This helps quicker decision-making during a crisis without having to physically enter the scene.

Additionally, it is equipped with front-end sprinklers to cool the surface in front of it, and vertical sprinklers to create a “water umbrella” to cool the robot’s body.