AI Brings Us Closer to Life on Mars

AI Brings Us Closer to Life on Mars

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An international team of researchers has found that Artificial Intelligence can help identify hidden patterns within geographical data that could indicate life on Mars.

A new study, led by over 50 researchers from all over the globe, shows that artificial intelligence and machine learning can help in targeting locations that have the best chance of hosting extra-terrestrial life.

“This work demonstrates an AI-guided protocol for searching for life on a Mars-like terrestrial analogue on Earth. This protocol is the first of its kind trained on actual field data, and its application can, in principle, generalize to other extreme life-harboring environments,” said Dr. Freddie Kalaitzis from the university of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science.

“Our next steps will be to test this method further on Earth with the aim that it will eventually aid our exploration for biosignatures elsewhere in the solar system, such as Mars, Titan, and Europa,” explained Kalaitzis.

This study was originally published in Nature Astronomy and reported by