Developers Should Be More Careful

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A recent report shows that one in ten developers accidentally exposed classified data last year on the code sharing platform GitHub.

Researchers at GitGuardian said that of the 13.3 million “distinct authors” who posted to the forum, commonly used by coders and other program developers to share and improve on ideas, 1.35 million shared sensitive data not intended for public access.

Moreover, of the 61.2 million data repositories that were judged active last year, 2.27 million (3.7%) had leaked data, leading GitGuardian to conclude that “secrets sprawl continues to expand worldwide.”

According to, GitGuardian claims that if left unchecked this so-called sprawl could end up compromising even the most prestigious tech firms.

GitGuardian stressed that this is not only the fault of novice and inexperienced developers, but a widespread trend. It warned that industry veterans pushed for time trying to meet their employers’ demands could be all too easily pressured into making one crucial mistake that allowed a secret slip out.

“Hard-coding secrets are often a result of convenience rather than a lack of knowledge or skill,” said GitGuardian. “Senior developers, who might be simply testing a database connection or an endpoint, are under tremendous pressure to deliver quickly to meet business demands. They are responsible for many hard-coded secrets too.”

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