Exploding USBs Used to Target Journalists

Exploding USBs Used to Target Journalists

USB. image provided by pixabay

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An explosive USB was used to target several journalists in Ecuador.

When one of the journalists plugged in an unknown USB that he received device into his computer, it immediately exploded. At least five media outlets received similar bombs, but there were no other explosions.

According to reports the USB explosion caused no serious injuries. The prosecutor’s office has opened up an investigation into terrorist activity following multiple threats to local TV and radio stations.

The journalist sustained slight injuries when plugging the unknown USB device into his computer, which he had received along which a letter containing a threatening note. It’s unclear from the reports whether he had read the letter before plugging in the explosive device.

According to cybernews.com, a local police officer told reporters that USBs could have been loaded with military-type explosives.

“This USB had a launcher capsule. We presume that it was RDX [a type of explosive,] and we are going to do the corresponding analysis,” the local police official Xavier Chango said.

The journalist suffered injuries to his hand and face, but Chango said the injuries were not serious and he remained in good health overall.

Other journalists which had received similar devices decided not to plug it in and simply left them in their respected offices. Once learning about the incident, many journalists contacted the police. One of them stated that the message in the letter was from a “political group”.

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