We Need to Be Aware of This Upcoming Innovation

We Need to Be Aware of This Upcoming Innovation

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According to an interview conducted by The Fintech Times with Utimaco’s Chief Technology Officer Nils Gerhardt, cybersecurity innovations should seek to appease the immediate threat posed by quantum computers: “We have seen that post-quantum cryptography (PQC) has gone from a theoretical computer science problem to a matter of urgency.”

“If your company hasn’t implemented quantum-resistant security yet, then how can you go about it? Because the threat is perceived to be at an indeterminate point in the future, and we still don’t know exactly what quantum computers will be capable of,” said Gerhardt.

“It can be daunting to transition an organization to quantum-resistance, and even more difficult for security professionals to persuade management that it is a priority when current cybercrime threats are so pervasive,” Gerhardt explained.

“However, what is often overlooked is that data that is encrypted today and needs to remain confidential could potentially be revealed in seconds, as soon as quantum computers are able to break today’s encryption. Threats to digital signatures are similar.” He emphasized during the interview.

According to Gerhardt, there is an urgent need to assess the risk and act now to prepare organizations, using methods like crypto agility to protect against the looming threats to data security in a quantum computing age.

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