Deepfake Technology Replicates Eye Contact

Deepfake Technology Replicates Eye Contact

Image provided by pixabay

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Eye contact is a staple of human connection and plays a key role in our daily interactions with others. Now you can establish eye contact on video even if you’re not really looking at the camera.

Nvidia’s new eye contact effect makes your appear to be looking directly at the viewer, even if you are just reading through your notes. The eye contact effect is based on an AI algorithm that estimates the user’s gaze in real-time and redirects it toward the camera by applying a filter to a webcam.

Nvidia said that eyes retain their natural color and blinks. The feature detects a person’s hands or other objects blocking the eyes and adjusts accordingly. It can also disconnect if you look too far away and is supposed to transition smoothly between simulated and real eyes.

The effect is built to take into account environmental factors such as lighting, shadows, blurriness, white balance, and hue, as well as the subject’s head pose, skin color, eyeglasses, eye gaze, and face and eye shape.

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