Ransomware As an Evergrowing Threat

Image provided by pixabay

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Going into the future, ransomware is expected to pose an even bigger threat to organizations and individuals alike. Ransomware is an evolving threat to data security and data privacy for the general public and private organizations alike.

Ransomware threat actors look to gain an initial foothold in a network, commonly via a vulnerable internet-facing system or weak application settings. Then they set out to hijack legitimate user credentials and move laterally across the network, compromising additional accounts and tools in order to access as much sensitive data as possible to use as leverage in their ransom demands.

Even when compared to other emerging cyber threats, ransomware is evolving faster than even. When cyber security experts finally managed to patch their systems against one type of malicious software, another one appears just like it.

Ransomware groups are quickly developing new strains and seem to stay one step ahead of cyber defense teams.

In the future, we will see more double and even triple extortion. More and more ransomware attacks not only demand a ransom for a decryption key, but they also threaten data leakage for double extortion. Anecdotal evidence also indicates that triple extortion is on the rise. if there is sensitive information about a business partner of the original victim, attackers target this third-party organization to extort ransom.

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