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Since 2018, five million people across the globe had their data stolen. A NordVPN study found that cybercriminals were able to obtain extremely sensitive user data including 26.6 million usernames and passwords. Among them were 720 thousand Google logins, 654 thousand Microsoft logins and 647 thousand Facebook logins.

The average price for a person’s digital information on the bot markets is $6. Moreover, because the malware steals logins together with cookies and device configuration information, cybersecurity experts say that the rise of this malware will help hackers to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA).

After logging in to a user’s account, a cybercriminal can try contacting people on a victim’s friends list and send malicious links or ask for a money transfer. They can also post fake information on the victim’s social media feed.

How can you keep yourself safe? NordVPN offers these four security tenets.

Maintain Digital Hygiene – You should never click on suspicious links or download files from shady websites and torrent clients. They’re unsafe and illegal – in other words, a perfect nest for malicious software.

Use a Password Manager – You should avoid saving passwords in your browser – a virus could instantly steal them. It will protect your credentials with an extra layer of encryption.

Use Threat Protection – A threat protection tool blocks online trackers, scans files for malware, and stops potential malware attacks. Combined with a strong antivirus, this tool becomes a malware antidote you won’t regret having.

Store Your Documents Securely – Save your files in an encrypted cloud as it’s an easy-to-use tool that ensures privacy and security for stored documents.

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