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While we all feel annoyed at the sight of yet another software update notification, it is critical that we update our phone regularly and ignoring it for too long might lead to unwanted circumstances.

Many consumers opt to not have phones set to automatic update. Once the day begins, these notifications can pop up at inconvenient and distracted times — while you’re rushing to make a call or send an email or text — but smartphone software updates are primarily designed for your benefit.

Big annual OS updates may have the flashier and more reported on new features, but security protection is a major reason why users should download all new software updates available for their phone. It’s as simple as knowing that Apple or Samsung, or any other phone maker, is indicating that your current operating system is not the safest anymore, and it is sending that message out into the world. That’s not just good for you, but for hackers looking to exploit users who don’t get the message.

“You’re leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks. Once a vulnerability has been announced and a patch has been released, attackers quickly grab that information and create exploits for those specific vulnerabilities,” said Kathleen Moriarty, chief technology officer at the Center for Internet Security.

Without the latest security patches, every piece of information on your phone is open to attack, from social media accounts to banking information to text messages.

“If you reuse passwords in different places, and they’re able to capture a password that is stored on your phone, they might be able to gain access to other applications,” Moriarty said.

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