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When the inventor of the World Wide Web has something to say, we better listen. Internet inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee spoke recently to CNBC were he detailed a vision for a new future, which includes personal artificial intelligence assistants for everyone.

Berners-Lee said that when he invented the web in 1989, “if you were sufficiently switched on geeky, you could get yourself a computer. And you could put a web server on it, you could plug it into the internet. And you could have a website.” But in his view, something has gone wrong since, with the concentration of power now in the hands of large internet companies.

His solution? A product that allows users to control their data and how it’s used. Currently, internet companies collect data on users by default, as a way of using their services.

But Berners-Lee and Bruce’s start-up Inrupt is working on a different way forward. The aim is for users to have a single sign-on across different products and services on the internet.

Data will be stored in so-called “pods,” which are basically a person’s personal data online storage container. Individuals can grant a website or service access to their pod, or silo of data, rather than websites taking data by default.

Berners-Lee said that users can run their own AI, much like their own personal version of Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, when they have their own data pods. That’s because in the future that Berners-Lee sees, users will have all sorts of data stored in their pods — from fitness information to online shopping habits. The AI could use all that data to learn and be able to assist a user.

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