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While all organizations must manage the growing risks of malicious cyber activity, it is clear that there has been a rise in cyber attacks carried out against federal agencies. From pro-Russian hackers targeting institutes that support Ukraine, to organized groups and individuals attacking law enforcement networks, this shift in intentions is highly noticeable.

Federal agencies have many of the same difficulties as the private sector, such as segregated functions, fragmented infrastructures, decentralized processes, resource limitations and skill gaps. Large-scale breaches were made possible because top officials couldn’t keep up with the barrage of security incidents due to a sophisticated threat landscape, greater complexity and speed, and severe resource drain, according to

In 2023, we will see threat actors ramp up their attacks before new cybersecurity controls are implemented ahead of 2023 deadlines. This increase in attacks will likely come in the form of supply chain attacks as malicious actors seek to do their worst before they get caught. Instead of relying on mandates from the federal government that are years away, federal agencies must begin taking steps now to advance their security transformation.

Before its too late, federal agencies must focus on which vulnerabilities are accessible to threat actors and can pose significant dangers to network assets rather than wasting important resources chasing after a massive volume of vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, federal agencies need to go beyond volume play and make cybersecurity investments that can effectively address a variety of concerns, as opposed to just adding human resources or tools to deal with every new threat. As data volume increases dramatically, automation will be required to keep security teams ahead of threat actors and decrease their need to hunt down every vulnerability manually.

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