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Today, cyber security is crucial for all organizations on the market. Securing your business network has become more critical than ever, whether by scale or intensity of cyber threats.

In an increasingly connected world, technology can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, and often times it is both. “Cyber security has gone from being a spending priority among CIOs to becoming a top-tier business topic amongst every line of business,” said Trend Micro ANZ Vice President Ashley Watkins.

Cyber security is now actively being discussed by all superiors and employees alike, since all must understand its importance and the potential impact that a cyber attack could have on the entire business, he added.

Much of this is due to the levels of reliance enterprises now place on technology and the smooth running of their networks, both external and internal. As enterprises gain a greater awareness of the risks there has also been an accompanying shift to cyber resilience, involving a more proactive and holistic approach across all on-site and cloud-based digital assets.

According to, while cyber security provides tools such as anti-virus protection and the protocols to stop many attacks at their source of origin, cyber resilience allows organizations to examine their internal behavior and plan accordingly.

Additionally, cyber resilience is now viewed by the board as a critical management tool for understanding risk status and making investment decisions accordingly. It is also viewed as a way of ‘enabling’, not limiting the organization, by anticipating worst-case scenarios and building the appropriate protection against them. In other words, cyber resilience is a business-continuity plan that leverages all the tools an organization has at its disposal to mitigate threats.

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