US Hospital Attacked by Cyber Criminals Refuses Ransom

Image provided by pixabay

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According to recent reports, a Pennsylvasia state healthcare provider has been attack by the ransomware cyber crime group BlackCat and they are refusing to answer the syndicate’s request.

Known for its unconventional methods and use of advanced extortion techniques, BlackCat has quickly risen to prominence in the cybercrime community.

First observed in mid-November 2021 by researchers from the MalwareHunterTeam, BlackCat swiftly gained notoriety for being the first major professional ransomware family to be written in Rust, a cross-platform language that enables malicious actors to customize malware with ease for different operating systems like Windows and Linux, thus affording a wide range of enterprise environments, according to

After spotting suspicious activity in its systems, the Pennsylvania based healthcare provider notified law enforcement and the cyber security firms it cooperates with. It is said that the provider refuses to pay the ransom demanded by hackers.

Refusing to pay a ransom set up by cyber criminals is not new, in fact it is the recommended course of action. Often, authorities advise against paying hackers, saying that there’s no guarantee threat actors will decrypt data. Paying the ransom may also invite unwelcome attention from other syndicates, as criminals start seeing the victim as a compliant source of income.

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