Yigal Unna, Appointed As Chairman of the INNOTECH Conference For Innovation

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Yigal Unna, has been appointed as chairman of the INNOTECH conference for innovation and will lead the field of innovation and advancement of technologies worldwide. Mr. Unna, a previous official in the SHINBET and former head of the Israeli National Cyber Directorate up until last year, has a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern studies and Management, as well as a master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Tel Aviv, and was the first to lead the unionized Israeli National Cyber Directorate.Photograph taken by Oded Karni

These days Unna has been investing and taking part in different startup companies in the cyber field and has advised countries and organizations around the world on how to improve their cyber security. Amongst many achievements, Unna has been on the advisory board of CyTaka, is the head of the startup company SyMania, and a venture capital fund that invests in the early stages of cyber development, etc.

It is the forth year since the INNOTECH event came to be and this year the emphasis is on innovation. Attended by hundreds of startups and companies from Israel and abroad, thousands of visitors and delegations from all over the globe will visit Israel for the event, being a unique space of meeting for decision-makers, government officials, leading industry experts, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and investors, and advanced research centers.

INNOTECH 2023 is the leading international event for innovation in Israel and it will attended by over 200 leading startups and dozens of technology and cyber based companies from Israel and around the world. The conference will be showcasing the most advanced technology from various fields such as: AI, FoodTech, Cyber, Drones, Sustainability, DeepTech, smart mobility and more.

The event is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and the Israeli National Cyber Directorate. Additionally, the event will host delegations of municipal and commercial cyber experts from all over the globe, including leading international organizations and companies.

This years event is all about innovation and cyber. This years event will emphasis growing the ecosystem through collaboration between the municipal and private sectors and advancing innovation while viewing Israel as a model example of innovation for the whole world. Additionally, throughout the two event days, special professional panels will be led by Israeli and International experts in the cyber and innovation fields. The event is expected to host over 5,000 participants from the technological and cyber communities in Israel and around the world. The event will emphasis Israel as the nation of startups, and a high-tech engine of economic growth for Israel, with the goal being the expansion of the ecosystem and Israel as an innovation model for the world.

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