Deep Fakes Will Only Grow in Popularity – According to Experts

Deep Fakes Will Only Grow in Popularity – According to Experts

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According to a new report conducted by artificial intelligence and foreign policy experts, deepfake technology will only continue to grow in popularity and will be used more widely among industries, including the military and intelligence sectors.

Although most public attention surrounding deepfakes has focused on large propaganda campaigns, the problematic new technology is much more insidious, according to a new report by artificial intelligence and foreign policy experts at Northwestern University and the Brookings Institution, as reported on by

In the new report, the authors discuss deepfake videos, images and audio as well as their related security challenges. The researchers predict the technology is on the brink of being used much more widely, including in targeted military and intelligence operations.

In the report, the experts make recommendations to security officials and policymakers for how to handle the unsettling new technology. Among their recommendations, the authors emphasize a need for the United States and its allies to develop a code of conduct for governments’ use of deepfakes.

“The ease with which deepfakes can be developed for specific individuals and targets, as well as their rapid movement point toward a world in which all states and nonstate actors will have the capacity to deploy deepfakes in their security and intelligence operations,” the authors write. “Security officials and policymakers will need to prepare accordingly.”

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