Buzzwords To Look Out For – Cyber Realm

Buzzwords To Look Out For – Cyber Realm

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According to a recently conducted interview with experts and executives from the cyber realm, here are a few buzzwords you should look out for in the coming future when it comes to technological progress, as summarized by

Gaming – Gaming is becoming a leader in the entertainment industry, and many marketers have been wondering about the relationship between gaming and advertising. As we are swiftly approaching the intersection of the physical and the virtual worlds, it seems inevitable that the industry will integrate more into the gaming world.

Startup Growth – The economic climate of 2022 made it clear that the era of the Unicorn is over, as assessing a company solely on valuation is not a complete indicator of success. In today’s market, investors are looking for startups that have product/market fit, a clear path to profitability, and a long-term business model that can adapt to evolving industry demands and needs

Information Technology – The future and the present are Open Source. Open source is the main accelerator for innovation in organizations and contributes to their independence. In a report conducted by the European Commission, it is said that Open-Source drives open strategic autonomy and state-of-the-art technologies.

Data – Today, more than ever, organizations understand that data has enormous value and when used properly can become a strategic asset. The data consumers and providers are significant players in the life cycle of the data. They are joined by other players whose role is to ensure that the data is secure, efficient, unified, valuable, accessible, and governed throughout the life cycle.

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