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Have you ever used Alexa to help you decide what movie you should watch? Maybe you asked Siri for restaurant recommendations. Artificial intelligence and virtual assistants are constantly being refined, and may soon be making appointments for you, offering medical advice, or trying to sell you a bottle of wine.

Although AI technology has miles to go to develop social skills on par with ours, some AI has shown impressive language understanding and can complete relatively complex interactive tasks.

In several 2018 demonstrations, Google’s AI made haircut and restaurant reservations without receptionists realizing they were talking with a non-human.

According to, people tend to disclose their personal information and embarrassing experiences more willingly to an AI than a human. In a recently conducted experiment, participants disclosed more personal information to an AI doctor than the human one, regarding potentially embarrassing questions about use of sex toys, condoms, or other sexual activities. When asked why they were willingly to share information more willingly with the AI, participants responded that they were concerned for being negatively judged and therefore were more inclined to share uncomfortable details.

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