Generative AI Will Change How You See Autonomy

artificial-intelligence. image provided by pixabay

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Generative AI is a category of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to create ideas such as literature, graphics, music, and language models. It has been a hot topic in the tech world as it promises to change computing forever. While there is a lot of concern about this technology taking jobs away from humans, the kinds of jobs it will mostly eliminate, at least initially, are jobs that people often don’t like doing.

One popular generative AI application is to improve data quality by artificially augmenting a data set with additional information similar to the original data set but not seen before. This can help improve the performance of deep learning algorithms, which often require large amounts of high-quality data to work effectively

Generative AI can also be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos.

In addition, this is part of the anticipated evolution of computers from glorified calculators to something like working peers, and it changes critical dynamics. Rather than people having to learn how to work with computers, generative AI-based computers will increasingly be learning how to work with humans.

Generative will perform best as a human enhancement tool rather than a human replacement tool because its creativity is derivative and lacks empathy, which means that it will do well when led by humans.

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