Guide: What To Do After a Data Breach

Guide: What To Do After a Data Breach

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In 2022 alone, more than 166 million people had their personal information leaked in a data breach, according to the ID Theft Center. Data breaches effect everyone, from small companies all the way to tech giants such as Twitter, Uber, and WhatsApp. If you discover that you have been the victim of a data breach, here’s what you should do as soon as possible:

Confirm the breach has happened – Most big data breaches are reported upon by the news so make sure to research whether a breach has indeed occurred. Be wary of emails sent by companies that have been hacked, as those emails can be used to further steal your information via a phishing attack.

Find out what sensitive data was stolen – Encrypted passwords, phone numbers, credit card numbers and more can be obtained by hackers. Pinpointing what kind of information was stolen will help identify the relevant type of identity theft.

Secure your logins, passwords, and PINS – Make sure to update your information as soon as you can before anyone can access your account. Change your passwords to long, unique and hard to crack passwords which do not include your personal information.

Monitor other accounts for suspicious activity – Once your sensitive information has been leaked in a data breach, it can lead to other forms of fraud and identity theft. Just because a company says the leak has been resolved, doesn’t mean your data is safe. Be mindful of suspicious activity on your online accounts and financial statements, unfamiliar credit inquiries, additional debt, and new accounts in your name, as well as strange calls, emails, texts, or letters

Clear up your cyber hygiene – Whether it’s removing your personal information from public sites or signing up for a secure cyber security service, make sure that you acquire tools and habits that will help you stay safe online.

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