Most Common IoT Attacks

Most Common IoT Attacks

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The connected world of IoT has made space for a new kind of remote attacks that can cause severe damage to digital infrastructure. Whether it be monitoring a smart house from afar or breaking into organization’s network by exploiting the unpatched vulnerabilities in the connected systems.

According to a recent survey, 84% of organizations have deployed IoT devices on their corporate networks, and more than 50% don’t maintain the necessary security measures beyond default passwords. Cybercriminals often rely on IoT connections to compromise network systems and steal personal information. Unpatched vulnerabilities and manufacturing defects in connected devices become a gateway for threat actors to penetrate corporate networks. has noted several examples of the most common IoT attacks in cyber space.

An attacker could monitor targeted networks and steal personal data by exploiting security loopholes and weak connections between IoT devices and the server.

Some threat actors can exploit privilege escalation vulnerabilities such as unpatched bugs in the system, misconfiguration, or inadequate access controls.

Furthermore, most IoT device users keep the default or easy-to-remember passwords, allowing brute-force attackers to access the targeted IoT connections quickly. Threat actors can simply guess passwords using dictionaries or common word combinations to penetrate IoT networks.

While the IoT world has continued to evolve it is still lacking in effective cyber security. Organizations can’t fully trust IoT without exposing themselves to cyber risks, therefore there should be a greater emphasis on cyber security even when it seems like you’re protected.

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