Top Cyber Security Threats Against Your Company for 2023

Top Cyber Security Threats Against Your Company for 2023

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For 2023, we must be more prepared to face the ever-growing cyber threats against us. Major corporations and company have been hit by cyber-attacks throughout this past year, to better our understanding of cyber threats, here are the top cyber security trends that you need to know, according to

Web application weaknesses – Your applications need to be secure against attacks where one customer could access the data of another customer, such as logic flaws, injection flaws, or access control weaknesses. These are easy to exploit by hackers, and easy mistakes to make when writing code. Security testing with an automated vulnerability scanner in combination with regular tensing can help you design and build secure web applications by integrating with your existing environment, catching vulnerabilities as they’re introduced throughout the development cycle.

Misconfiguration mistakes – According to Gartner, misconfiguration mistakes cause 80% of all data security breaches, and until 2025, up to 99% of cloud environment failures will be attributed to human errors. To mitigate the risk, external network monitoring is a must.

Vulnerable software and patching – If you’re self-hosting an application, you need to ensure that the operating system and library security patches are applied as they are released. This unfortunately is an on-going process, as security vulnerabilities in operating systems and libraries are constantly being found and fixed. You need to monitor for any new weaknesses that might be discovered in between releases to ensure nothing slips you by.

Weak internal security policies and practices – A few simple measures such as using a password manager, enabling two-factor authentication and security training can significantly increase your protection. Cost effective and easy to implement, a password manager will help you maintain secure, unique passwords across all the online services you and your team uses. Additionally, make sure your team understand how to maintain good cyber hygiene, especially how to recognize and avoid clicking phishing links.

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