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Researchers from NCC Group counted 198 successful ransomware campaigns in July – up 47 percent from June. Sharp as that incline may be, it still falls some ways short of the high-water mark set this Spring, with nearly 300 such campaigns in both March and April.

According to a recent report by the NCC group, researchers have determined that Lockbit was by far the most prolific ransomware gang in July, behind 62 attacks. That’s ten more than the month prior, and more than twice as many as the second and third most prolific groups combined.

Why such a sharp spike in ransomware attacks? suggests that the United States government ramping up its efforts against Russian cybercrime by offering up to $15 million for prized information about Conti, then the world’s foremost ransomware gang, might have caused this dramatic rise. “It is likely that the threat actors that were undergoing structural changes,” the authors of the report speculated, “and have begun settling into their new modes of operating, resulting in their total compromises increasing in conjunction.”

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