The Conversation on Cloud Security

The Conversation on Cloud Security

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72% of IT leaders believe their companies moved to the cloud without properly understanding the skills, maturity curve, and complexities of making it all work securely, according to a recent CloudBolt Software report. Organizations rely heavily on cloud-native security tools but each is fraught with limitations that create the “somewhat, sometimes” security issues at the user level.

“Several years ago in cyber security, companies realized that the single greatest threat vector was the individual end user. So, the focus shifted from perimeter and end-point security to automatically applying security at the user level,” said Jeff Kukowski, CEO of CloudBolt.

“I think this new report reveals a similar parallel in cloud security. Macro solutions that don’t make cloud security automatic at the individual, cloud-provisioning ‘moment of truth’ create lots of opportunity for exposure and leave enterprises only ‘somewhat, sometimes’ secure. I predict 2023 will be the year we see significantly more focus on shoring up these current cloud security shortfalls. It’s a very solvable problem when you apply the right approaches,” Kukowski concluded.

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