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The Israeli Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel has announced that the Ministry of Communications has begun its’ efforts to put an end to the recent phenomenon of mass phishing texts, cannabis texts and other insidious text messages. Many Israeli citizens have been subjected to a mass sending of these types of texts, whether as part of a money scam or an offer to purchase drugs. According to an official statement of the Israeli Ministry of Communications, these anonymous texts that have been harassing the public for a long time will be mitigated by the cellular companies. The cellular companies will be requires to activated designated systems of sender identification, which will hopefully rid the public of this phenomenon.

This new regulation will demand each sender to have its ID approved and will require each sender to have a credit card attached to the account, which will pay for the sending fees. Furthermore, the regulation will create a limit of up to 50 text messages a day for a sender.

Following are the words of The Israeli Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel: “We are going out to war today with the phenomenon of phishing and cannabis text messages that all Israelis have been effected by. Due to the spread of such a phenomenon and our intent to complete the missions set at election night, I have decided to carry out this regulation that requires transparency and certain confirmation of text sender IDs. Company licenses will be adjusted accordingly. We predict that this certain confirmation of the senders identity will dramatically decrease the phenomenon of phishing, cannabis and other crime related text messages. Political text messages will also be included in the regulation, and in the case of illegal activity it will be effective in finding the culprit.

This regulation will be activated in six months and will act to protect the citizens of Israel from malicious offers, especially in regard to children and teenagers which up until today have been receiving text messages encouraging them to partake in drug usage.

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