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Just like the rest of the world, the Law Enforcement field must invest in keeping up with modern technologies. To carry out efficient, smart and safe operations the police force has to incorporate new technologies within it. These new technologies will enable police officers to do more with less.

According to, the American company Oracle has created an entirely new technology platform for public safety, all in partnership with local Police and Sheriffs’ personnel, Fire and EMS professionals, as well as the world’s foremost law enforcement technology experts across the US.

The platform provides a unified hardware and software suite that is designed to remove data silos, eliminate manual busy work, and empower first responders with real-time information and situational awareness to help them make more objective decisions when every second counts, Oracle says. The suite includes dispatch command center, law enforcement records, and jail management software.

“First responders have one of the hardest jobs imaginable, yet technology has not evolved to support them in making informed decisions that foster accountability and safer incident resolutions,” said Steve Seoane, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Local Government.

This platform includes a cloud-based computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system for emergency call management and dispatch, wearable communications and camera systems that can activate automatically upon dispatch, record management systems and additional tools to help police officers out in the field.

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