Into The Metaverse – New Partnership Brings New Possibilities

Aircraft. image by pixabay

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A new partnership between Boeing and Red 6 may potentially bring AR technology to the F-15EX and T-7 trainer. Under this joint collaboration the two companies are intending to allow human pilots to encounter virtual wingmen and enemies while flying in their aircraft in real time. 

According to a statement made by Dan Gillian, vice president of US government business for Boeing Global Services, this collaboration will begin with the integration of Red 6 hardware with a Boeing chaser aircraft. The partnership is said to officially begin next month with the TA-4, while working towards integration on other platforms such as the T-7 and F-15EX. Boeing noted that it plans on experimenting mainly with two Red 6 products: the ATARS and the ARCADE. 

ATARS (Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System) is the system currently under development that is meant to let human pilots experience augmented reality elements while flying a real aircraft, allowing the pilot to rehearse aerial refueling with a virtual tanker or fight against virtual versions of Chinese fighters. The pilot wears a helmet outfitted with an augmented reality headset, which projects virtual images into the physical environment that the pilot can see out the window. Meanwhile, ARCADE (Augmented Reality Command and Analytic Data Environment) uses “real-time 3D visualizations” to help pilots visualize sorties during the mission planning or debrief stages. reports that the two may possibly lay the foundation for a future in which a pilot will be training in a continually active and evolving metaverse.

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