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The possibilities of artificial intelligence are endless. Even astronomers have begun applying this technology to their research. Using AI, astronomers can utilize its image recognition capabilities to predict the effects of interactions between planets – this allows them to possibly discover new planets outside of our solar system. 

They instructed a machine to predict the effect of interactions between planets, making it possible to discover exoplanets that were impossible to detect until now. The tools developed can also be utilized on Earth to detect illegal waste dumps. 

“The type of AI used in this project is a neural network whose aim is to determine, for each pixel in an image, the object it represents”, said Anthony Graveline, president of Disaitek, the AI company helming this project. Used in the context of an autonomous vehicle, this algorithm makes it possible to identify the road, the pavement, the signs and the pedestrians perceived by the camera. In the context of exoplanet detection, the aim is to determine, for each measurement of the star’s luminosity, whether the eclipse of a planet is detected. The neural network makes its decision by cross-referencing all available observations of that star with the range of configurations seen during its training.

According to, even though this technique is proving effective for astronomical observation and the detection of exoplanets, it can also be useful for observing the Earth and its environment. Employing very high-resolution satellite images, Disaitek is now using this AI to deal with environmental problems, in particular the detection of illegal dumping. This scourge, which is constantly on the increase, has no clear answer with traditional means.

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