AR Glasses That Allow Deaf People to “Hear” Conversations

AR Glasses That Allow Deaf People to “Hear” Conversations

AR Glasses. image by pixabay

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This new wearable piece of technology allows deaf people and people with hearing loss to understand spoken conversation. “The ‘first of its kind’ smart glasses are tethered to a phone and aim to enable the deaf community to engage in everyday conversations,” reports 

The AR glasses are connected to a mobile phone which handles the processing and graphics generation. The software then takes an audio feed from the microphone installed in the glasses and sends it to the smartphone of the user, providing subtitles. This allows users to read conversation in real-time and even use a voice recognition feature to identify the speaker. It appears that the next development will also include additional features as the company hopes to add more AI features to the wearable, such as translating various languages and detecting voice tones, accents and pitch. 

“It’s just so difficult when there are so many people around you and you’re trying to keep track of the different conversations which are going on,” said Dan Scarfe, CEO of the developing company XRAI Glass, referring to his deaf father. “It’s got to the point now where he literally just sits in silence. And I thought, well, hang on a second. He watches TV all the time with subtitles. Why can’t we subtitle the world?”

XRAI Glass has launched a public trial period where the company ‘will continuously listen and learn from its users, expanding the AI capabilities and intuitive properties of the software to provide the very best service’.

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