Robot Security Guards Now Patrolling Casinos

Casino. image by pixabay

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Who thought that to ensure the security of casinos, they would choose autonomous robots? Well, casinos across the US are beginning to utilize autonomous robots to bolster security operations! Several venues have now opted for these solutions in an effort to protect their premises and keep visitors and staff safe. 

Reports say that customers can augment their security program “at a fraction of the average rate for one 24-hour security post” with its autonomous robots. These machines can perform tasks such as patrolling casino premises to provide a physical security presence with “real-time” actionable intelligence to help detection and prevention, according to 

These machines, hired by several casinos across the United States of America, are developed by the company Knightscope, a security technology company that builds ‘fully autonomous’ security robots. The company’s 5K robots are set to deter criminal activity and help keep guests and their belongings safe.