New Missile Warning Satellite Launched into Space

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On July 1st, a new experimental satellite was launched into orbit. This satellite is the Space Force WFOV (Wide Field of View) testbed satellite that is equipped with new infrared sensor capabilities, aimed at detecting and tracking hypersonic missiles. This technology will be tested in space and examined to conclude if it is fit for real-time activation.  This testbed is expected to help advance missile warning technologies as well as satellite tracking programs. 

“The effort also will provide lessons and technologies that could be reproduced by the service’s other missile warning/tracking programs with satellites in different orbits,” said Space Force and industry officials at a pre-launch briefing on June 28.

The testbed “will mature large format focal plane sensor technology, algorithm development and ground integration for the future resilient OPIR architecture,” Col. Brian Denaro, Space Systems Command (SSC) program executive officer for space sensing.