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During spring and summer, rising temperatures and low precipitation lead to long-term soil dryness. Furthermore, global warming and drought contribute to an increase in wildfires around the world, including in Israel.

Different organizations in the United States, including the Department of Forestry and the California Fire Department, have requested solutions to help them prepare for emergencies. The technology from N5 Sensors, an American sensor manufacturer, will allow firefighters to detect fires even before they see smoke signs, giving them a critical window of opportunity to prevent disasters.

The system consists of multiple sensors, located within a range of approximately 3 kilometers, when more sensors are needed in populated areas. The system consists of three types of sensors that monitor several environmental changes: an infrared sensor, a smoke detection sensor, and a chemical air change sensor. Furthermore, the system uses artificial intelligence to monitor air quality, directly linked to sensors and a central control unit via a cloud, so that firefighters are notified in real time.

It has already been tested several times and will soon take part in a broad trial in collaboration with U.S. homeland security officials, during which more than 100 sensors will be placed in selected areas to evaluate its performance in a real-life scenario.

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