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As early as 2020, the aerospace giant revealed it was working on developing an evasive multipurpose drone for the Royal Australian Air Force. The aircraft, which is designed to serve as a stealthy multirole unmanned aerial vehicle, capable of flying alongside manned aircraft for support and performing autonomous missions independently while using AI, landed at the Australian Air Force Base Amberley this week.

The Loyal Wingman Project, also known as the MQ-28 Ghost Bat by the Australian Air Force, will join the force soon. It is named after the ghost bat, which is native to Australia. It is an important event for the Royal Air Force and Australia’s industry team, which included over 35 suppliers. 

Currently, engineers are working on upgrading sensors and improving the flight performance of the drone, which will begin testing by the end of the year.

According to, the drone is 11.7 meters long and can fly 3,700 kilometers in one flight, though full details of the drone have not yet been released. Initially, it will be used for surveillance and reconnaissance, but it will also be capable of participating in electronic warfare if necessary.