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In a recent agreement, a collaboration between two technologies will combine a security platform with machine learning, enabling a security system with fast, accurate face recognition capabilities as well as computer vision features – advancing us one step closer to the vision of a smart and safe city.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DWEA) will collaborate with RealNetworks from Washington on this project. Moro Hub’s Integrated Physical Security Platform (IPSP) and RealNetwork’s SAFR deep-learning engine will be combined to provide high-speed, accurate, unbiased face recognition (FR) and other computer vision capabilities.

Combining these capabilities will increase flexibility and reduce reliance on bandwidth and computerized resources, according to

Combining technologies and collaborating may help to establish technological precedents in the field of face recognition (FR) for automatic tracking, allow access control, and provide the ability to analyze information, thus promoting maximum efficiency and flexibility. Security in large, complex environments such as cities is anticipated to be improved with the use of this technology in the near future.