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The U.S. military will supply F-15s to Egyptian forces, according to a senior U.S. general. The U.S. has disclosed this long-planned transaction according to its customary procedure, which requires disclosure of plans to sell to foreign armies. No specific details were provided on the number of aircraft that will be sold to Egypt, or the price of the deal.

Because of the military coup that took place in 2013 in Egypt, the US has hesitated in recent years to supply weapons to Egypt. Meanwhile, the US froze a few sales to Egyptian forces of helicopters, fighter jets, tank components, and anti-ship missiles, according to

In a recent report from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute it was revealed that although the US is still the world’s largest arms exporter, the majority of Egypt’s military purchases are being made through Russia (41%), France (21%), and Italy (15%).

It is not yet clear how this deal affects earlier deals the Egyptians had with Russia, from which they bought Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft worth $ 2 billion in 2018.