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A closer look reveals that artificial intelligence is almost everywhere. It is likely that artificial intelligence will be present in our lives even more as time goes on, whether it is in the form of social media apps or as digital assistants like Alexa and Siri. If our cars park using artificial intelligence, it is likely that artificial intelligence will be in every part of our lives.

AI is a valuable tool in almost all industries for speeding up processes, including the entertainment industry, according to Even when the Corona plague was at its peak, artificial intelligence helped detect Corona cases with the help of bots within a certain radius. Moreover, it is used for treating patients in hospitals, as well as administering vaccines to them.

The use of artificial intelligence in business can now raise team morale and help direct processes to be more efficient. Artificial intelligence-based software can aid in the selection of successful job candidates. On social networks, artificial intelligence is also common – Facebook, for example, uses its algorithm to identify all types of content that violates its policies. Using the software, 97% of the banned content was removed without the need for real users to report it. Beyond that, every ad that is on some social network is supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The development of artificial intelligence has also impacted the defense and weapons industries, leading to the creation of sophisticated tools such as the L.A.W.S. (Lethal Autonomous Weapon System): Machines that operate targets without human intervention, reducing the threat to military personnel.

It is through artificial intelligence that we make our lives better in many ways, and ongoing developments in this field will help to improve existing systems and foster the development of new more efficient ones.