This Cyber Security Service Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

This Cyber Security Service Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

VR cyber space. image by pixabay

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As everyday technologies get more and more advanced, cyber security must be at the forefront of every customer. Cyber security services have become common and are often used by private companies and the public sector in order to protect themselves from potential cyber attacks.

One of these services goes under the name Darktrace and has recently been acquired by Cybersprint, a Dutch provider of advanced cyber security services and a manufacturer of special tools that use machine learning algorithms to detect cyber vulnerabilities. Based on attack path modeling and graph theory, Darktrace’s platform represents organizational networks as directional, weighted graphs with nodes where multi-line segments meet and edges where they join. In order to estimate the probability that an attacker will be able to successfully move from node A to node B, a weighted graph can be used. Understanding the insights gained will make it easier for Darktrace to simulate future attacks.

Darktrace’s current cybersecurity solution, which provides detection and response to cyber threats in real-time, will be enriched by Cybersprint’s advanced tool, which employs artificial intelligence to collect information on possible attacks. Through its platform, Cybersprint provides organizations with a solution for conducting intrusion tests. The system allows organizations to conduct continuous scans and identify weaknesses in their corporate networks without having to hire external security personnel. As today’s environment is more dynamic than ever before, and many intrusion testing reports become irrelevant within days of submitting, the combination of these two tools can potentially provide real-time protection for companies and organizations.

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