EU Cyber Rapid-Response Team to Support Ukraine

EU Cyber Rapid-Response Team to Support Ukraine

Photo illus. by Pixabay cyber-security

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Against the backdrop of the latest developments, the EU is activating a newly-formed Cyber Rapid-Response Team (CRRT) to Ukraine to help the country combat the Russian threat. Six states led by Lithuania “are activating (the) Cyber Rapid Response Team to help Ukrainian institutions to cope with growing cyber threats,” Lithuania’s Deputy Defense Minister Margiris Abukevicius announced.

The decision comes after Russia was blamed for cyber-attacks earlier this month that temporarily took a small number of Ukrainian banking and government websites offline.

A CRRT official told that the team of eight to 12 experts would be “composed of different cyber-expertise, such as incident response, forensics, vulnerability assessment, to be able to react to a variety of scenarios.”

The EU’s cyber security team, established in 2019, has experts from Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania.