AI Powered Smart Cities – Developments Underway

AI Powered Smart Cities – Developments Underway

Smart city. image by pixabay

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A comprehensive security solution for smart cities is currently under development. An Integrated city-scale portfolio of AI-powered, end-to-end automated security screening solutions will be developed by Mircea Tudor San Tech, based in Switzerland, and Qylur Intelligent Systems, based in California The companies will join forces and closely integrate their respective automated screening technologies, creating a comprehensive portfolio for intelligent security screening that will cover the entire range of checkpoints, from borders, seaports and airports, through entries to facilities and critical infrastructures sites and smart cities.

The new concept is suitable for large-scale projects that require a tight security layout that behaves consistently and intelligently connects all layers. 

The companies expect to leverage Qylur’s platforms to power a portfolio that’s automated, networked and AI powered. These platforms are Qylur’s SNIM AI (Social Network of Intelligent Machines), based on patented technology for evolving customized detection, predictive and preventive maintenance; and the company’s C4I global monitoring and control platform.

The technologies Tudor Tech offers include AREIA DV, aircraft scanners used for both threat detection and aircraft preventative maintenance purposes, Robotic cargo and cars scanners, boats scanner, and Qylur Q Entry Experience, an AI-based automated self-service entry security solution for people’s belongings, according to the companies’ announcement.

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