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Mass shootings have become a critical problem in the US. 611 mass shootings occurred in the US in 2020, a 47% increase from 2019, according to the Gun Violence Archive. In addition to the growing physical threats, security teams and professionals are facing new challenges such as reduced workforces and temporary, high-turnover guard staff. The reliance on decades-old, hardware-only, metal detectors has meant that venues face complex challenges to collect, analyze, and learn from data about people entering and exiting their premises. Moreover, collecting reliable weapons data at venue entrances has been exceedingly difficult, and security guards at venue entry points have very few tools to communicate – quickly and at a mass scale – about a threat.

An enhanced security screening system, Evolv Express, is expected to change this state of affairs. The complete security screening system developed by Evolv Technology is now the first system to integrate weapons screening and detection data collected at venue entrances with Milestone Video Management System (VMS) and Titan HST mass notification system. 

The enhancements to Evolv Express address the legacy approach to physical security and enable security teams to meet today’s threats. Through these new integrations, information about Evolv Express-identified threats – including time, location, image data, type of threat, and staff requests for additional support – can be instantly communicated to complementary security technologies via the Milestone and Titan HST VMS systems and protocols that a venue may already have in place.

The partnership is expected to provide a leading threat detection system with the best multi-patented mass notification platform to help quickly identify and manage potential threats and mitigate risks to sites via instantaneous communication, according to the company announcement.

The recent enhancements also include advanced video analytics that further improves and automates the identification and resolution of who presents a potential threat, and where on a person’s body the threat is located. By optimizing and automating threat isolation, high-turnover security guard staff can be more effective, accelerate detection and resolution of the threat, and eliminate the friction that visitors, fans, employees and students typically experience moving through security by screening them in a touchless manner.

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