Autonomous Inspection Service for Remote Installations

Autonomous Inspection Service for Remote Installations

Photo illus. solar panels by Pixabay

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Solar farms are increasingly large and difficult to manage, whether it’s with traditional reporting methods, or even with drone pilots to scan them. 

A new Robots-as-a-service solution is designed for autonomous solar farm monitoring. The platform combines the DBX drone-in-a-box robots from H3 Dynamics with visual and thermal analytics from Sitemark to automate and scale up remote monitoring operations in large solar farm installations. 

Designed as the “eyes and ears” of solar farm owners and operators, the DBX robot can be deployed permanently at solar farms to track solar farm construction progress, identify solar panel degradation and provide on-site security.

The new technology is expected to change the way data is captured and processed throughout the entire lifecycle of solar power assets, according to the companies’ announcement.

H3 Dynamics is automating inspections across smart cities, precision agriculture, water infrastructure, and ports. Last month the company announced DBX G7, an agnostic Drone-in-a-Box platform capable of automating drones from any manufacturer and deploying expert analytics from any developer.