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Perimeter security requires routine patrols 24/7, also under harsh weather conditions and at remote locations. Various models of robot dogs are fulfilling more and more roles in security and military missions. One of them is quadruped VISION 60 Q-UGV 5 –  a mid-sized high-endurance, agile and durable all-weather ground robot. 

The robot dog manufactured by Ghost Robotics can be deployed for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland security and enterprise applications.

The Q-UGVs are architected to allow rapid adaptation to new environments using a proprietary blind-mode control core that mimics how mammals operate across a range of urban and natural environments. When the environment is completely unknown, vision sensors degrade or fail, when the legged robot does fail, slip or fall, it will get right back up and continue moving.

The 45.4 kg robot can carry a payload of up to 9 kg and can reach the speed of 3 m/s.

Watch swamp Dog autonomous perimeter patrol at Tyndall US Air Force base, recharging and then ready to continue 24/7: