Special Ops Command is Getting Advanced Counter-Drone Tech

Special Ops Command is Getting Advanced Counter-Drone Tech

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U.S. Special Operations Command will be equipped with new, advanced counter-drone technology that will help respond to the evolving drone threats. The Command has selected Anduril Industries to lead its counter-drone systems integration work in a $1 billion deal.

“The evolving unmanned aerial threat requires flexible, adaptable, and rapidly deployable technology approaches,” said the company’s announcement.

Anduril will be providing its counter unmanned “family of systems,” supported by its Lattice operating system. The tech will include its Sentry Tower, Anvil interceptor UAS, Pulsar and Foxhound systems. The system also brings in third-party sensors and effectors “for a layered defensive approach,” according to the company.

The Lattice system is able to provide autonomous detection, classification and tracking of targets at the edge of the battlefield and alerts users to the detected threats. It also prompts users with solutions to engage and destroy the threats.

The Sentry tower is comprised of onboard radar and optical sensors within embedded computing cores that can process data through machine-learning algorithms to detect, identify and track threats.

Capabiliies will be delivered through “traditional means,” but will also deploy the capability as a service and configure the system to carry out specific missions as threats evolve or new threats emerge. And under the contract, it must design, prototype and develop new counter-UAS technology, according to defensenews.com.