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Air taxi platforms are designed to solve the growing traffic congestion problem in cities. The Chinese company AutoFlight wants to achieve European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for its air taxi ‘Prosperity I’, an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) with a range of approximately 250 kilometers. 

The company’s R&D and Certification Center has been established at Augsburg airport in Germany. The certification program for this airtaxi will begin this year, with completion expected by 2025.

The platform can comfortably seat up to three passengers in addition to the pilot. 

The company plans to establish additional locations for test and demonstration flights across Europe. ‘Prosperity I’ is the company’s first manned aircraft. Previously, the company’s focus was on unmanned cargo drones.

The simplicity of AutoFlight’s design is the so called ‘lift and cruise’ – configuration. It combines superior range and safety with low technical complexity, making it affordable, according to the company’s announcement.