IoT Standardization Publicized

IoT Standardization Publicized

IOT security

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A new set of proposed global standards to support and reassure consumers about the security of their data while using IoT products has been published by Xiaomi, a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company.

According to the company, the guideline meets the need of the consumer IoT industry as there is no such general standard that can be publicly queried and implemented. Now companies can use this guide to avoid some basic security and privacy protection risks, and to quickly improve the security and privacy protection capabilities of their IoT products.

The guideline entitled “Cyber Security Baseline for Consumer Internet of Things Device Version 2.0″ contains the rules for the security of software, hardware and communication between devices. It also specifies data security and privacy requirements which include secure communication, authentication and access control, etc.

The guide is a security baseline that all Xiaomi smart devices should follow.

Xiaomi owns the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform. As of November 2021, its AIoT platform has connected more than 400 million devices, excluding smartphones and laptops, according to