The Future of Urban Cities – Driverless Taxis

The Future of Urban Cities – Driverless Taxis

taxi. image by pixabay

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Soon, close to 100 self-driving electric shuttles will be brought to the of Trenton, according to a request for information by the New Jersey Dept. of Transportation: The Trenton Mobility & Opportunity: Vehicles Equity System (MOVES) Project.

Trenton’s system will be designed to serve the 70% of households that do not have access to a car and have limited public transportation options. The GPS-equipped vehicles would be able to transport between four and eight passengers, who would call for a ride from a smartphone app or one of the 60 kiosks to be installed.

The vehicles will feature internal live cameras, smoke and fire detectors, child safety seats and be easily accessible for riders with mobility issues. 

They will retain two-way communication with a central operations center, and their locations would be monitored by public safety organizations. During the first two years of operation, the shuttles would have a “safety host” on board. City officials are working with neighboring Princeton University to facilitate the gathering of information; before full deployment, the project will undergo detailed planning and testing, according to 

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