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According to recent reports, the Royal Norwegian Navy will soon be enhancing its communication capabilities.

The Norwegian Defense Material Agency has selected TactiCall Integrated Communication System (ICS) by Saab to replace the existing communication system for both internal and external use on-board, including multi-level secure communication – unclassified, restricted NATO secret and national secret communication channels.

TactiCall will be integrated on seven vessels, including mine countermeasure vessels, corvettes, and Coast Guard vessels. TactiCall Multi-level security is built to facilitate the chain of command within armed forces for joint operations and supports the operators’ ability to effectively manage operational duties.

The system gives naval teams access to a variety of communication channels of different security levels from the same user terminal. With TactiCall users can listen to a mix of both secure and unclassified communication and simultaneously be able to talk in both, according to the company’s announcement.

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