Border Security – Blurred Concept?

Border Security – Blurred Concept?

border security

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In the modern era, the concept of inter-state borders has become very flexible, from hostile borders (e.g. between North and South Korea) to non-physical borders as the Schengen area borders.

Increasing crime, the illegal transfer of goods and illegal immigration, on the one hand, and the protection of privacy and human rights on the other hand, have made the modern frontier a strategic, security and essential challenge. By what technological means can a “security” border of a country be protected in a modern age – by what means, methods of warning and protection?

These questions alongside others were discussed by experts during the panel discussion at INNOTECH 2021 international conference organized by iHLS last November. Chairman of the panel and of the conference: Avi Yariv, a cyber, intelligence and HLS expert.