Industry-Military Partnership in 5G Application

Industry-Military Partnership in 5G Application

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Fifth-generation communications technology from the commercial sphere is deployed more and more for military applications. A standalone 5G cellular network will be created for experimentation to test, refine and create effective strategies for dynamic spectrum sharing so systems can share radio frequency spectrum.

A functional 5G network has been recently deployed at a US military installation – Hill Air Force Bas, one of several bases, as part of the Department of Defense’s Dynamic Spectrum Utilization program. The program seeks out innovative prototypes that can demonstrate commercial 5G technologies in order to augment future military capabilities.

According to the Air Force Research Laboratory, the program provides industry partners with technology vital to ensuring commercial 5G systems and military airborne radar systems can optimally coexist within the same spectrum band without interference. “The technology developed can influence the future open standards of cellular technology and has the potential to help free up the 3.1-3.3 gigahertz band for future commercial use.” 

With commercial cellular systems and airborne radars operating at different frequencies and different types of systems operating in frequency bands reserved exclusively for them, there were no unreserved bands available to meet the growing demand for wireless communications, according to